Help BlackArch

BlackArch Linux is entirely free and open source. The team-members work in their free time (voluntary). Despite the large amount of the time spent every day. Another thing that this project requires to keep moving forward is donations. For instance, the hosting of the website, domain name, download mirror, testing hardware... isn't free.

Every donation, even the most modest, is a great help and will be used only to pay for Blackarch expenses, and fund the future developemnt of the project. We appreciate your interest in this project as we continue to develop Blackarch Linux.

There are many ways to help us. Money is of course a must. But, if you can't give a financial contribution, you may help in another way. For example: translating, offering support to users in need (in Matrix), or anything that can help improve Blackarch. Also, a simple star of the Blackarch repository on Github goes a long way... :D

We also welcome any organization/company interested in becoming an official sponsor of BlackArch Linux. You can contact us by Matrix or by email.

List of the donors

To be entirely transparent, we will display every donations here, if you have made a donation and wish to see your name and/or the link (hard backlink) of your website or organization displayed, email us or speak to us trough our Matrix channel. In case we receive a donation and nobody claimed it, we will display it as Anonymous

Name Amount Date Website
Anonymous 20,00 USD 02 December 2018
Anonymous 5,00 USD 01 November 2018
Anonymous 20,00 USD 15 October 2018
Anonymous 5,00 USD 17 September 2018
Anonymous 5,00 USD 03 August 2018
Anonymous 100,00 USD 17 October 2017
Anonymous 25,00 USD 01 October 2017
Thomas Cassin 22,77 USD 25 August 2017
Anonymous 5 EUR 03 January 2017

The display of the donator start from January 2017