Packages that attempt to reverse a compiled program into source code.

Tool count: 17

BlackArch decompiler
Name Version Description Homepage
avaloniailspy v7.2.rc.r10.gbc00df4 .NET Decompiler (port of ILSpy)
beebug 25.cddb375 A tool for checking exploitability.
cafebabe 0.1.2 Java bytecode editor & decompiler.
cfr 0.152 Another Java decompiler
fernflower 485.e19aab6 An analytical decompiler for Java.
gadgetinspector 6.ac7832d A byte code analyzer for finding deserialization gadget chains in Java applications.
jadx 1.5.0 Command line and GUI tools to produce Java source code from Android Dex and APK files
jd-cli 1.2.0 Command line Java Decompiler.
jd-gui 1.6.6 A standalone graphical utility that displays Java source codes of .class files.
jpexs-decompiler 15.1.0 JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.
luyten 0.5.4 An Open Source Java Decompiler Gui for Procyon.
pcode2code 6.65ae983 VBA p-code decompiler.
procyon 0.6 A suite of Java metaprogramming tools focused on code generation and analysis.
python-uncompyle6 3.9.1 A Python cross-version decompiler.
recaf Modern Java bytecode editor.
recstudio 4.1 Cross platform interactive decompiler.
retdec 2160.b283e7e3 Retargetable machine-code decompiler based on LLVM.