Packages used for cracking cryptographic functions, ie hashes.

Tool count: 169

BlackArch code-audit
Name Version Description Homepage
acccheck 0.2.1 A password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol.
adfspray 6.3d7745d Python3 tool to perform password spraying against Microsoft Online service using various methods.
aesfix 1.0.1 A tool to find AES key in RAM.
aeskeyfind 1.0 A tool to find AES key in RAM.
against 0.2 A very fast ssh attacking script which includes a multithreaded port scanning module (tcp connect) for discovering possible targets and a multithreaded brute-forcing module which attacks parallel all discovered hosts or given ip addresses from a list.
ares v0.10.0.r72.gff0af1c Automated decoding of encrypted text without knowing the key or ciphers used.
asleap 2.2 Actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords.
beleth 36.0963699 A Multi-threaded Dictionary based SSH cracker.
bgp-md5crack 0.1 RFC2385 password cracker
bios_memimage 1.2 A tool to dump RAM contents to disk (aka cold boot attack).
bkcrack v1.6.1.r44.g3ef515a Crack legacy zip encryption with Biham and Kocher known plaintext attack.
bkhive 1.1.1 Program for dumping the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP system hive.
blackhash 0.2 Creates a filter from system hashes.
bob-the-butcher 0.7.1 A distributed password cracker package.
brute-force 52.78d1d8e Brute-Force attack tool for Gmail Hotmail Twitter Facebook Netflix.
bruteforce-luks 54.788d637 Try to find the password of a LUKS encrypted volume.
bruteforce-salted-openssl 64.30b272e Try to find the password of a file that was encrypted with the 'openssl' command.
bruteforce-wallet 43.648d7d7 Try to find the password of an encrypted Peercoin (or Bitcoin,Litecoin, etc...) wallet file.
brutessh 0.6 A simple sshd password bruteforcer using a wordlist, it's very fast for internal networks. It's multithreads.
chapcrack 17.ae2827f A tool for parsing and decrypting MS-CHAPv2 network handshakes.
cintruder 14.f8a3f12 An automatic pentesting tool to bypass captchas.
cisco-auditing-tool 1 Perl script which scans cisco routers for common vulnerabilities. Checks for default passwords, easily guessable community names, and the IOS history bug. Includes support for plugins and scanning multiple hosts.
cisco-ocs 0.2 Cisco Router Default Password Scanner.
cisco-scanner 0.2 Multithreaded Cisco HTTP vulnerability scanner. Tested on Linux, OpenBSD and Solaris.
cisco5crack 2.c4b228c Crypt and decrypt the cisco enable 5 passwords.
cisco7crack 2.f1c21dd Crypt and decrypt the cisco enable 7 passwords.
cmospwd 5.1 Decrypts password stored in CMOS used to access BIOS setup.
compp 1.0.5 Company Passwords Profiler helps making a bruteforce wordlist for a targeted company.
crackhor 2.ae7d83f A Password cracking utility.
crackle 111.d83b4b6 Crack and decrypt BLE encryption.
crackpkcs12 A multithreaded program to crack PKCS#12 files (p12 and pfx extensions).
crackq 48.89b7318 GPU-accelerated password cracker.
crackserver 33.e5763ab An XMLRPC server for password cracking.
creddump 3.ed95e1a A python tool to extract various credentials and secrets from Windows registry hives.
credmaster 195.7d9d1ae Refactored & improved CredKing password spraying tool, uses FireProx APIs to rotate IP addresses, stay anonymous, and beat throttling.
crowbar 111.4b563dc A brute forcing tool that can be used during penetration tests. It is developed to support protocols that are not currently supported by thc-hydra and other popular brute forcing tools.
cryptohazemultiforcer 1.31a High performance multihash brute forcer with CUDA support.
cudahashcat 2.01 Worlds fastest WPA cracker with dictionary mutation engine.
cupp 77.56547fd Common User Password Profiler
dbpwaudit 0.8 A Java tool that allows you to perform online audits of password quality for several database engines.
depant 0.3a Check network for services with default passwords.
device-pharmer 40.b06a460 Opens 1K+ IPs or Shodan search results and attempts to login.
doozer 9.5cfc8f8 A Password cracking utility.
dpeparser beta002 Default password enumeration project
eapmd5pass 3.3d5551f An implementation of an offline dictionary attack against the EAP-MD5 protocol.
enabler 1 Attempts to find the enable password on a cisco system via brute force.
evilize 0.2 Tool to create MD5 colliding binaries.
evilmaid 1.01 TrueCrypt loader backdoor to sniff volume password
f-scrack 19.9a00357 A single file bruteforcer supports multi-protocol.
facebrute 7.ece355b This script tries to guess passwords for a given facebook account using a list of passwords (dictionary).
fang 22.4f94552 A multi service threaded MD5 cracker.
fcrackzip 1.0 Zip file password cracker
ftp-scanner 0.2.5 Multithreaded ftp scanner/brute forcer. Tested on Linux, OpenBSD and Solaris.
gomapenum v1.1.0.r110.g8b344df User enumeration and password bruteforce on Azure, ADFS, OWA, O365, Teams and gather emails on Linkedin.
gpocrack 3.cf63c86 Active Directory Group Policy Preferences cpassword cracker/decrypter.
hashcat 6.2.6 Multithreaded advanced password recovery utility
hasher 48.40173c5 A tool that allows you to quickly hash plaintext strings, or compare hashed values with a plaintext locally.
hashtag 0.41 A python script written to parse and identify password hashes.
hostbox-ssh 0.1.1 A ssh password/account scanner.
htpwdscan 23.e995d6f A python HTTP weak pass scanner.
hydra 9.5 Very fast network logon cracker which support many different services
ibrute 12.3a6a11e An AppleID password bruteforce tool. It uses Find My Iphone service API, where bruteforce protection was not implemented.
icloudbrutter 15.1f64f19 Tool for AppleID Bruteforce.
iheartxor 0.01 A tool for bruteforcing encoded strings within a boundary defined by a regular expression. It will bruteforce the key value range of 0x1 through 0x255.
iisbruteforcer 15 HTTP authentication cracker. It's a tool that launchs an online dictionary attack to test for weak or simple passwords against protected areas on an IIS Web server.
ikecrack 1.00 An IKE/IPSec crack tool designed to perform Pre-Shared-Key analysis of RFC compliant aggressive mode authentication
ikeforce 30.575af15 A command line IPSEC VPN brute forcing tool for Linux that allows group name/ID enumeration and XAUTH brute forcing capabilities.
inguma 0.1.1 A free penetration testing and vulnerability discovery toolkit entirely written in python. Framework includes modules to discover hosts, gather information about, fuzz targets, brute force usernames and passwords, exploits, and a disassembler.
instashell 56.49b6b4f Multi-threaded Instagram Brute Forcer without password limit.
ipmipwn 6.74a08a8 IPMI cipher 0 attack tool.
jbrute 0.99 Open Source Security tool to audit hashed passwords.
jeangrey 43.9bf3cf4 A tool to perform differential fault analysis attacks (DFA).
john 1.9.0.jumbo1 John the Ripper password cracker
johnny 20120424 GUI for John the Ripper.
jwt-cracker 23.8130879 JWT brute force cracker written in C.
jwt-tool 69.6c7d430 Toolkit for validating, forging and cracking JWTs (JSON Web Tokens).
jwtcat 77.f80f3d9 Script performs offline brute-force attacks against JSON Web Token (JWT)
keimpx 300.37190f4 Tool to verify the usefulness of credentials across a network over SMB.
kerbrute 90.9cfb81e A tool to perform Kerberos pre-auth bruteforcing.
khc 0.2 A small tool designed to recover hashed known_hosts fiels back to their plain-text equivalents.
ldap-brute 21.acc06e3 A semi fast tool to bruteforce values of LDAP injections over HTTP.
levye 84.5406303 A brute force tool which is support sshkey, vnckey, rdp, openvpn.
lodowep 1.2.1 Lodowep is a tool for analyzing password strength of accounts on a Lotus Domino webserver system.
mdcrack 1.2 MD4/MD5/NTLM1 hash cracker
medusa 2.2 Speedy, massively parallel and modular login brute-forcer for network
mfoc 0.10.7+38+gba072f1 MiFare Classic Universal toolKit
mkbrutus 27.ddd5f8e Password bruteforcer for MikroTik devices or boxes running RouterOS.
morxbook 1.0 A password cracking tool written in perl to perform a dictionary-based attack on a specific Facebook user through HTTPS.
morxbrute 1.01 A customizable HTTP dictionary-based password cracking tool written in Perl.
morxbtcrack 1.0 Single Bitcoin private key cracking tool released.
morxcoinpwn 1.0 Mass Bitcoin private keys brute forcing/Take over tool released.
morxcrack 1.2 A cracking tool written in Perl to perform a dictionary-based attack on various hashing algorithm and CMS salted-passwords.
mybff 98.094d443 A Brute Force Framework.
ncrack 0.7 High-speed network authentication cracking tool
o365enum 19.522a54c Username enumeration and password enuming tool aimed at Microsoft O365.
o365spray 158.0e506ca Username enumeration and password spraying tool aimed at Microsoft O365.
obevilion 409.29fbe9d Another archive cracker created in python, cracking [zip/7z/rar].
oclhashcat 2.01 Worlds fastest WPA cracker with dictionary mutation engine.
omen 19.10aa99e Ordered Markov ENumerator - Password Guesser.
onesixtyone 0.7 An SNMP scanner that sends multiple SNMP requests to multiple IP addresses
ophcrack 3.8.0 Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables
outlook-webapp-brute 1.61d7177 Microsoft Outlook WebAPP Brute.
owabf 1.3 Outlook Web Access bruteforcer tool.
pack 0.0.4 Password Analysis and Cracking Kit
passcracking 20131214 A little python script for sending hashes to and milw0rm
passe-partout 0.1 Tool to extract RSA and DSA private keys from any process linked with OpenSSL. The target memory is scanned to lookup specific OpenSSL patterns.
passgan 38.5927158 A Deep Learning Approach for Password Guessing.
patator 223.20e800a A multi-purpose bruteforcer.
pdfcrack 0.20 Password recovery tool for PDF-files
pdgmail 1.0 A password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol.
pemcrack 12.66e02b8 Cracks SSL PEM files that hold encrypted private keys. Brute forces or dictionary cracks.
pemcracker 9.a741c93 Tool to crack encrypted PEM files.
phoss 0.1.13 Sniffer designed to find HTTP, FTP, LDAP, Telnet, IMAP4, VNC and POP3 logins.
php-mt-seed 4.0 PHP mt_rand() seed cracker.
php-rfi-payload-decoder 30.bd42caa Decode and analyze RFI payloads developed in PHP.
phrasendrescher 1.2.2c A modular and multi processing pass phrase cracking tool.
pipal 3.4.0.r9.g392f0aa A password analyser.
pipeline 19.f4935c9 Designed to aid in targeted brute force password cracking attacks.
pkcrack 1.2.2 A PkZip encryption cracker.
pwcrack 368.b6fba8a Password hash automatic cracking framework.
pybozocrack 87.ceb0cd9 A silly & effective MD5 cracker in Python.
pyrit 0.5.0 The famous WPA precomputed cracker.
rainbowcrack 1.8 Password cracker based on the faster time-memory trade-off. With MySQL and Cisco PIX Algorithm patches.
rarcrack 0.2 Bruteforce password cracker for rar, 7z, zip archives
rcracki-mt 0.7.0 A tool to perform rainbow table attacks on password hashes. It is intended for indexed/perfected rainbow tables, mainly generated by the distributed project
rdesktop-brute 1.5.0 It connects to windows terminal servers - Bruteforce patch included.
rdpassspray 33.c1ba58e Python3 tool to perform password spraying using RDP.
ridenum 75.9e3b89b A null session RID cycle attack for brute forcing domain controllers.
rlogin-scanner 0.2 Multithreaded rlogin scanner. Tested on Linux, OpenBSD and Solaris.
rootbrute 0.1 Local root account bruteforcer.
rpdscan 2.a71b0f3 Remmina Password Decoder and scanner.
rsakeyfind 1.0 A tool to find RSA key in RAM.
samdump2 3.0.0 Dump password hashes from a Windows NT/2k/XP installation
samydeluxe 2.2ed1bac Automatic samdump creation script.
shreder 111.36a79f5 A powerful multi-threaded SSH protocol password bruteforce tool.
sidguesser 1.0.5 Guesses sids/instances against an Oracle database according to a predefined dictionary file.
sipcrack 0.2 A SIP protocol login cracker.
skul 27.7bd83f1 A PoC to bruteforce the Cryptsetup implementation of Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS).
smbbf 0.9.1 SMB password bruteforcer.
snmp-brute 19.830bb0a SNMP brute force, enumeration, CISCO config downloader and password cracking script.
speedpwn 8.3dd2793 An active WPA/2 Bruteforcer, original created to prove weak standard key generation in different ISP labeled routers without a client is connected.
spray365 42.58fd193 Makes spraying Microsoft accounts (Office 365 / Azure AD) easy through its customizable two-step password spraying approach.
spraycharles 200.041a7cf Low and slow password spraying tool, designed to spray on an interval over a long period of time.
sqlpat 1.0.1 This tool should be used to audit the strength of Microsoft SQL Server passwords offline.
ssh-privkey-crack 0.4 A SSH private key cracker.
sshatter 1.2 Password bruteforcer for SSH.
sshprank 1.4.2 A fast SSH mass-scanner, login cracker and banner grabber tool using the python-masscan and shodan module.
sshscan 1.0 A horizontal SSH scanner that scans large swaths of IPv4 space for a single SSH user and pass.
sshtrix 0.0.3 A very fast multithreaded SSH login cracker.
sslnuke 5.c5faeaa Transparent proxy that decrypts SSL traffic and prints out IRC messages.
sucrack 1.2.3 A multi-threaded Linux/UNIX tool for brute-force cracking local user accounts via su.
talon v3.1.r1.g8acc175 A password guessing tool that targets the Kerberos and LDAP services within the Windows Active Directory environment.
tftp-bruteforce 0.1 A fast TFTP filename bruteforcer written in perl.
thc-keyfinder 1.0 Finds crypto keys, encrypted data and compressed data in files by analyzing the entropy of parts of the file.
thc-pptp-bruter 0.1.4 A brute force program that works against pptp vpn endpoints (tcp port 1723).
thc-smartbrute 1.0 This tool finds undocumented and secret commands implemented in a smartcard.
timeverter 83.24b715e Bruteforce time-based tokens and to convert several time domains.
trevorspray 2.2.1 A modular password sprayer with threading, clever proxying, loot modules, and more!
truecrack 35 Password cracking for truecrypt(c) volumes.
tweetshell 21.47a415c Multi-thread Twitter BruteForcer in Shell Script.
ufo-wardriving 4 Allows you to test the security of wireless networks by detecting their passwords based on the router model.
vnc-bypauth 0.0.1 Multi-threaded bypass authentication scanner for VNC smaller than v4.1.1 servers.
vncrack 1.21 What it looks like: crack VNC.
wmat 0.1 Automatic tool for testing webmail accounts.
wordbrutepress 30.5165648 Python script that performs brute forcing against WordPress installs using a wordlist.
wpbf 7.11b6ac1 Multithreaded WordPress brute forcer.
wpbrute-rpc 3.e7d8145 Tool for amplified bruteforce attacks on wordpress based website via xmlrcp API.
wyd 0.2 Gets keywords from personal files. IT security/forensic tool.
zulu 0.1 A light weight 802.11 wireless frame generation tool to enable fast and easy debugging and probing of 802.11 networks.